Finantial and credit information

What can financial products help you with?

Information from financial products help you to reduce the amount of bad debts, minimize the number of debtors and select suitable business partners. They allow you to check properly your business partner even before  you closed the deal. Thanks to the appropriate selection and proper adjustment of payment conditions you will significantly reduce the costs of enforcement - either through the direct debit agencies or the courts. Save your time and money - because prevention is always more effective.

Group of Bisnode Solutions give you the answer for these questions:

  • What is the risk that the company will not pay its debts?
  • Does the company pay its invoices on time?
  • Do you want to do a business with debtors?
  • Is the company in bankruptcy, liquidation, insolvency or execution?
  • Are you interested in the financial statements?

For more information, contact your regional manager or customer Dun and Bradstreet customer service.